Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I ♥ Shoes

Once upon a time, a dear friend of mine and I decided that shoes are the most forgiving piece of clothing a girl could own. Just think about it for a second. Clothes are definitely confidence boosters but the big downside is that any fluctuation in body weight can make them unflatteringly tight or embarrassingly baggy. But shoes, those wonderful shoes, cast no judgment. No matter how much you've gained or lost, they'll always be there to fit you - always.

Sneak peek: My wedding shoes

Of course, the really cute ones often come with blisters and sore ankles but doesn't anything worth having come with a price? My thoughts exactly :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My new life

Man, it has been quite awhile since I actually wrote anything on this blog. But don't fret, I've returned and hopefully I'll make this a habit. Updates in my life include the following:

1) I'm getting married to the hottest Navajo out there :) (which is pretty obvious, I know) and I would post about how he proposed, but that's just not going to happen at 11:58 pm... sorry. You'll just have to live in anticipation until then.

2) My future school plans have changed pretty dramatically. About a year ago, I made the decision to take a BUTT-load of science pre-reqs and eventually get accepted into Veterinary school. That was my plan... until 'said Navajo came riding up on his white horse and swept me off my feet (sigh) :)

Fortunately, we're both graduating this April but as long as I'm the one putting him through medical school for the next 8+ years, Vet school just didn't seem possible or even logical. Was I crushed, you ask? Honestly, I was disappointed but then comfort from above gave me assurance that this was the way things were supposed to happen. A year ago, I needed that direction in my life to bring me comfort and it also kept me at BYU for an extra year. And if I had never taken those classes over Spring/Summer term, things probably wouldn't have happened with Anthony. Isn't it crazy that you can think one decision will lead you in one direction, but then it takes you somewhere you never imagined you would end up?! It's just proof that Heavenly Father is all-knowing and even though you might not understand the journey, he knows exactly where you're going. It's amazing and I'm incredibly happy!

3) On a more lame note, I got a new job. The one that I was working at on campus just wasn't taking me anywhere. I was only making about $8.50 after being there for almost 3 years, so I was definitely done with that. So I've been crazy job hunting ever since I got back to Provo a month ago. The only one who called me back for an interview was the only one who hired me - A Student Cleaning Co. That's right... I'm a maid. But it's actually not as bad as it sounds. Already I'm getting paid $9/hour and I'm learning all sorts of new things (like cleaning a full bathroom w/ a tub AND shower in 20 minutes flat... impressive, I know) My boss is great and most of the houses we clean are huge rich places that are already in really good shape.

For example, this morning one of my chores was washing the wood floor (not bad) but the owner had some rugs that she asked I clean under. As she was showing me the dirty buildup (or... what she believed to be dirty buildup because it looked clean to my eyes), she handed me a large comb. "This" she said, "is for the rugs in the dining room with the fringe. I like it to look nice and straight." Well... I'd have to say that was my first time EVER "combing" a rug. Weird.

Well... it's really late and if, in the future, I want a blog to take me 15 minutes rather than 45 minutes, I'm going to have to update more regularly. Believe it when you see it.

Me and Anthony after the homecoming dance last Friday.
It was WAY past our bedtime :)